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Meet Our Impactful Students

Impactful Students During COVID-19

Here at the Center for Family and Community Engagement (CFACE), students play an essential role in many of our projects, service and research. CFACE relies on graduate students from a variety of disciplines such as Social Work, Psychology, and Communication to support our family, community and academic partnerships. During their time with CFACE, graduate students interact with interdisciplinary professionals who have lived experience with families and community partners. We are grateful for the quality work that our students produce!

This year, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, our students have continued their work remotely and remained dedicated to making a difference in their community. While experiencing a rather novel mid-semester transition from face-to-face interactions to virtual workspaces due to quarantine, our graduate students have been able to tailor their CFACE projects to online mediums, utilizing Zoom, email and other forms of computer mediated communication. They have also made the effort to shift their project content so that there is a focus on providing free community resources amid the COVID-19 crisis. Despite our graduate students’ remote workspaces, their ongoing efforts remain invaluable and support the work that the Center does across North Carolina.

In our latest video, Impactful Students During COVID-19, we highlight several of our dedicated graduate students and the various projects they have been working on during the pandemic. To our graduate students: thank you for all you do and the significant impact you make! For more information on what our students are working on, please visit