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Participants Feedback

The Center for Family and Community Engagement offers both in-person and on-demand training courses and technical assistance for social workers, paraprofessionals in similar fields, and even individuals in the community. These trainings are primarily focused on child welfare and family support. The courses help our Center connect with families and communities to create and inform practice, policy, and knowledge. The feedback below covers the “Domestic Violence Policy and Best Practices in Child Welfare,” “Building Cultural Safety,” “Connecting With Families: Family Support in Practice,” and “Navigating Child and Family Teams: The Role of the Facilitator.” This feedback offers interested individuals an opportunity to hear from those who have taken our Center’s courses.

Domestic Violence Policy and Best Practices in Child Welfare

“The trainers were very interactive, personable and encouraging.”

“I like the fact that each presenter kept everyone engaged the entire time. The materials presented were great and I really enjoyed the stories and personal experiences that were shared.”

“There was an awesome balance on understanding Domestic Policy in general and then Domestic Violence in Child Welfare Policy. The subject matter was heavy at times but the instructors were excellent in addressing the material and acknowledging the heaviness. Should be required training.”

“Having a trainer who has specifically worked with batterers and victims is an extremely helpful perspective to have in this training. Hearing what (Trainer) had to offer from her real life experiences as an advocate and someone who has worked with batterers helped me gain a new level of understanding of domestic violence. Also both trainers had extensive knowledge and expertise on how to handle domestic violence situations and were able to provide real life examples which made the class relatable and helpful.”

“I think the training went well, both trainers were knowledgeable about domestic violence and DSS policy which helped with how to handle certain cases as well as protocol to follow.”

“Very good content, interaction and the trainers were AWESOME!”

Building Cultural Safety

“This training was such an intriguing one. What I learned was what I can use in work and real-life. I was just sharing some things I learned with my sister the other day because it was something that I never realized I had been wrong about for so many years. The topics of discussion are very necessary and they are being conducted well. I don’t really know if anything that could be done better because the training was very organized and well managed.”

“Training was excellent! Faculty were wonderful and presented the information in a way that was easily understood. Training material really made me think about how I approach my work and interactions.”

“Let me begin by saying that I enjoyed this class more than any other class that I have taken thus far, and I currently have over 215 hours in class/online learning. The presenters were excellent and so professional. I have never had a class that made me think so clearly, so directly and with such depth. Everyone needs this training. The vulnerability, and open connections made with colleagues was amazing. I can’t say enough good things about this training and how I left the class feeling. My thought process was opened in so many areas. Hard to explain but clearly a wonderful and beautiful thing. Don’t know any other way to express myself and thoughts about how I learned, what I learned. Incredible! I feel like my brain and heart have had a total reset. total eclipse of the heart if I may.”

“The training taught a lot of material that I can use on a daily basis when it comes to my role as a social worker and in my personal life. I enjoyed every day in this training and learning beneficial information to apply to my daily life.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and the trainers. They allowed for difficult conversations to be had. Wonderful job!!!! Definitely a perfect match with the instructors.”

“I appreciate how the training was given, the education behind the concepts was most helpful. rather than saying “because we said so”, we were educated as to they why and how it is impactful. Helps the growing process.”

Connecting with Families: Family Support in Practice

“The open conversations about topics covered. I love that.”

“I enjoyed the training and have already used some of the tips and methods in my job AND in my personal life. Focusing on people also using self care methods was refreshing! I appreciated the organization, the pace, the soothing voices of the leaders, the frequent breaks, and the content.”

Navigating Child and Family Teams: The Role of the Facilitator

“I enjoyed going into the breakout sessions. Getting perspective from each person on how to handle a matter was very interesting as I learned new techniques from each participant. Additionally I gained knowledge on the various skill techniques when doing CFT”

“This class was great, it had everything I needed to do my job. It will take practice on my part to feel comfortable”

“The breakout sessions were great and the discussions brought everything together!”