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Game Building as Engagement

This self-paced, on-demand course will introduce learners to games as a mechanism for fostering engagement, reflection, and conversations with clients and children. The course teaches learners to develop basic interactive narratives and use them to help clients and children to explore the consequences of certain courses of action, in scenarios such as dealing with a bully at school or encountering the threat of violence at home. The interactive format encourages self-efficacy, responsibility and self-reflection. Through this course, professionals and parents can develop prompts and build interactive narratives that will allow exploration on the target area as well as potential context for further conversations about the topic areas. Developed in partnership with the Division of Social Services by the Center for Family and Community Engagement at NC State University.

Participants: Child welfare workers, fathers, and those employed with agencies that provide services or resources to children and families impacted by domestic violence.

Approximate Length: 3 hours

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