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Building Cultural Safety

Building Cultural Safety is a three-day interactive foundational training designed to enhance the cultural knowledge and sensitivity of social workers and supervisors working with culturally diverse individuals and families. This training is designed to establish and develop participants’ knowledge of significant facts and concepts related to cultural safety, diversity, inclusion and cultural competency. 

Through group work, case studies, interactive lecture and activities, participants develop personal awareness by exploring their own cultural lenses, uncovering implicit biases and automatic assumptions, and examining the potential impact of these factors on interpersonal relationships and human services. This session offers participants opportunities to develop strategies and tools to facilitate interpersonal awareness, exploration of cultural norms and values, cross-cultural communication, relationship building, collaboration in multicultural communities, and conflict management. 

Note: This course was adapted from Building Awareness and Cultural Competency through funding from the North Carolina Division of Social Services (NC DSS) by the Center for Family and Community Engagement College of Humanities and Social Sciences, North Carolina State University. 

**As of July 2016, this course replaced Building Awareness and Cultural Competency.**

Building Cultural Safety is a mandatory course for all child welfare staff employed in a NC County Department of Social Services. This course should be taken within the first year of employment for NC County Department of Social Services staff.

Prerequisite: Child Welfare in North Carolina or completion of other required pre-service training required based upon date of employment and functional responsibilities (For NCDSS Child Welfare Staff).

Contact Hours: 18 contact hours. This training can be credited toward the required 18/39 hours of additional training within the first year of employment or the 24-hour continuing education requirement.

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