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Child Welfare Training

The Center’s training program has partnered with the North Carolina Division of Social Services for over 20 years, supporting the learning and professional development of child welfare professionals and their community partners in areas focusing on family group decision making, supporting families in their communities, child and family teams, domestic violence, and fatherhood.

At the core of our training program lies a strong belief and practice of At the core of our training program lies a firm belief and practice of providing learning opportunities inclusive of family, youth and community voices and perspectives. Our training events, in person and online, are offered and provided across all 100 counties of North Carolina. Additionally, we have on-demand training offerings that are accessible at no charge to you!

If you are interested in exploring our center’s training program there is further iIf you are interested in exploring our Center’s training program please see further information at the provided links below. If you would like to explore having our Center create or deliver a training specific to your needs, please contact us at: to see what we can do for you!