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Family Agency Collaborative Training Team (FACTT)

The Center has been an agency sponsor of FACTT since its inception in 2007. FACTT provides an opportunity for representatives of families and system of care agencies to come together to collaborate and form training partnerships. The system of care includes the following agency types: child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health and substance abuse, education, housing, social services and health agencies. FACTT partners co-create and deliver training in support of research, practice and policy implementation. 

The graphic below highlights the training domains to be provided:

Partnership Training Teams

The FACTT team works to support North Carolina partnership training teams. Partnership training teams are defined as two or more trainers who work together to create and deliver training materials in support of research, practice and policy implementation. These teams are comprised of at least one trainer who represents experience within the system being trained and one trainer who has experience as the recipient of the services, policies or research findings being trained. 


FACTT membership models cross-system partnership of child-and-family serving agencies and families in that members include agency workers and family members. North Carolina system of care involvement is key to FACTT membership. North Carolina based agency employees (from those providing direct services to those in administration) and prospective and current family leaders are welcome to join FACTT.

We meet the first Monday every other month either in person or online.