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Woman soldier reunited with her son on a sunny day

May 10, 2019

Military and Veteran Needs in North Carolina: An On-Going Project

A recent project spearheaded by Dr. Sam Cacace of North Carolina State University’s Center for Family and Community Engagement seeks to understand, assess, and promote the needs of active military and veterans in North Carolina. The primary objective of this project is to form a picture of needs for military service members, veterans, families, and… 

Sarah presenting at the Networking Alliance

Apr 26, 2019

The Networking Alliance: A Look Inside Our Organization

The Networking Alliance is the Center for Family and Community Engagement’s advisory council. Members of this council are appointed by the Center director and serve two-year terms. Members are from family and youth groups, community organizations, public agencies, and universities. The Networking Alliance provides guidance to the Center based on their knowledge, experience, and ethical… 

Cindy wins FACEY award

Apr 19, 2019

CFFACE SPOTLIGHT: Cindy Wooden Wins First-Ever Facey Award!

The Center for Family and Community Engagement (CFFACE) is continuously looking for new ways to encourage and showcase our incredible staff. The Facey Award was designed to do just that! The Faceys are the Center’s semi-annual award ceremony dedicated to highlighting the exceptional efforts of our staff. Starting in the spring of 2019, this award… 

Dr. Joan Pennell at a Conference in Taiwan

Apr 15, 2019

CFFACE Spotlight: What has Dr. Joan Pennell been up to since retirement?

Dr. Joan Pennell became the founding director of the Center for Family and Community Engagement (CFFACE) in 2008, and served in this capacity until her retirement in 2018. She is currently a Professor Emerita of Social Work at North Carolina State University. Although retired, Dr. Pennell has maintained an active role with CFFACE through her… 

SOAR logo

Mar 20, 2019

Cumberland County SOAR is a strong example of a North Carolina Community Based Child Abuse Prevention Planning (CBCAPP) model making an impact

SOAR, which stands for Strengths in Overcoming Adversity thru Resiliency, is a committee comprised of over 40 major county agency stakeholders, dedicated family members, professionals, and community partners who have been working together for over 5 years to come together to reduce child maltreatment in their county. In 2016, PCANC (Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina)… 

Hands holding small flags

Mar 8, 2019

Join Us For A Community Cafe!

Help your community help you. North Carolina State University’s Center for Family and Community Engagement in association with NCServes, CHAMP, and Team Red White and Blue is looking to bring together members of our military community as well military and veteran-serving organizations to discuss how to improve the well-being of our military community as a… 

Safety + Justice Challenge Logo

Mar 6, 2019

CFFACE Director Creates Primer for Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys

The Center for Family and Community Engagement would like to acknowledge our wonderful director, Dr. Sarah Desmarais, for her work with the MacArthur Foundation’s Safety+Justice Challenge. Dr. Desmarais and Dr. Evan M. Lowder have assembled a primer for judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. The primer’s focus is on the use of risk assessment instruments in… 

People with Speech Bubbles

Mar 1, 2019

CFFACE is Featured in Latest Practice Notes Newsletter

The Center for Family and Community Engagement (CFFACE) is excited to share the latest issue of Children’s Services Practice Notes, which features an article of our work on the North Carolina Child Welfare Family Leadership Model. Practice Notes is a newsletter sponsored by the North Carolina Division of Social Services and is produced by the… 

Feb 22, 2019

Upcoming Event: 2019 Learning & Leadership Summit

Join us at Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina’s (PCANC) 2019 Learning & Leadership Summit! The Center for Family and Community Engagement will presenting, attending workshops as well as hosting our own table, so be sure to stop by!   If you want to find out more about what Kara Allen-Eckard and her team have been working… 

Feb 19, 2019

CFFACE Spotlight: Claudia’s Voice Reaches National and Local Audiences

The Center for Family and Community Engagement would like to take some time to recognize, appreciate, and highlight one of its senior staff members, Claudia Kearney. Claudia has become a sought after speaker and trainer on topics such as Diversity, Cultural Awareness, and Domestic Violence. She has presented numerous times over the past 10 years…