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Center for Family and Community Engagement

Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week

Emma Fagnano, author

Children's Mental Health Acceptance Week

CFACE is working towards spreading awareness, action, and resources for Children’s Mental Health Week going on May 5-11. The National Federation of Families (NFF) has announced that the theme of the 2024 Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week will be “Lighting the Path to Social Justice for Children and Youth.” For individuals and communities, social justice means equity at every level of society, safety and security for all members of society, opportunity for everyone to live up to their potential, and support for one another to live meaningful and purposeful lives. NFF explains that acceptance is the first step towards social justice for our communities, as acceptance requires us to take action and responsibility in changing attitudes, behaviors, and systems.

In recent years, many reports have described the mental health crisis occurring amongst youth in our society. Direct action is necessary to combat this societal issue, but most importantly, it is necessary to eliminate the discrimination and prejudice that prevents individuals suffering from mental health problems from seeking or accessing necessary help and attention. A mindset of “acceptance” can aid us as a collaborative society in dismantling systems of mental health prejudice and protecting children’s access to mental health resources.

Here at CFACE, we’re always looking for ways to support and bring awareness to members of our community who may be in need! We encourage you to utilize the resources on the NFF and Baker Center websites to learn more about children’s mental health and find ways that you can help to spread awareness and break down boundaries. For more information and resources on children’s mental health, please visit the following sites: National Federation of Families and The Baker Center. You can also follow us on social media to see more about Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week!