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A Way Home America’s State of the Movement (SOTM) Event

group of young people

Last month, a few of our CFACE staff members attended A Way Home America’s State of the Movement (SOTM) virtual event, which was titled “I Declare Transformation–Activate and Advocate.” A Way Home America is a national organization comprised of “homeless youth providers, advocates, researchers, government agencies, philanthropists and young people dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness among all youth and young adults in the U.S.” October’s two-day event focused specifically on youth and young adult homelessness. The event included keynote speakers, attendee discussions, and poetry. 

If you are disappointed that you missed the event, don’t worry! There are recordings available on Youtube for the first and second day of the event. Those recordings are included here for easy access. 

Event Recordings:

The speakers did an excellent job. While listening to some of their stories,  I was truly inspired by how they overcame their circumstances and are now doing great work for their community.” -Tomeko Brown (CFACE employee)

A Way Home America wants to create change by providing the knowledge to help guide foster care youth to resources that are readily available that they can utilize at any given point.  Organizations can provide collaborative opportunities when presented with data and research. In response to the rise of homelessness among youth, CFACE is hoping to create a course for 2024 to bring awareness to this issue. We are excited to provide more information about this in the future, so follow along on our social media accounts or subscribe to our bi-montly e-newsletter here