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A Moment of Gratitude

A Moment of Gratitude
Article written by Gracie Phillips

“One of our full time trainers, Marissa Turner, created a reflection piece expressing the gratitude we have for those who take courses with us. Her piece can be read below:”

For the family centered practice training team, customer service is a critical part of our engagement with the community. It is not only an important aspect of every training; it is how we do business. Looking at customer service, our focus is on giving an all-around great experience for all participants and learners who attend and join our training events. In fact, we begin our engagement with participants and learners long before the application period for a specific training event. We begin our service with ourselves as a team. We approach the creation of each of our training curricula with our audience, and the community in mind. We collaborate with community members, family members, students, and others to develop our materials, and rely on multiple feedback processes to support finalization of a curriculum prior to it being put into its “final” format. We engage and utilize NC State resources related to data, research, and student collaborations as part of our partnership within the university. Considering a learner’s experience, we strive to help anyone who attends one of our training events to feel valued as a member of a training group.

Prior to the start of a training event, we look at accessibility and marketing to help the community be aware of our offerings. We have registration staff who assist with providing key event information and contact information for participants to use should they have any questions or concerns. When we receive questions, it is important to us that we reply in a timely manner, with an invitation for participants to continue to reach out. If it is something we cannot immediately assist with, we try our best to connect our customers to where they may receive further information or resources. We believe it is important for the participants, learners, to feel prepared and engaged before a training event even begins.

Additionally, our customer service on the front end is there to provide participants and learners with confidence that the trainers of their chosen event are prepared and ready for them and to deliver a great training. Together, trainers and registration staff remain the face of customer service throughout a training event. Communication flows from the training “room” (in person or virtual/online room) as it needs to assist everyone in the process of attending, completing, and leaving a training event. Each team member has provided assistance with things such as technology access/support and logistical components related to events held in the community.

At the conclusion of each training, participants and learners are encouraged to continue to reach out to trainers or registration staff to support them and to apply for any future trainings that may interest them.”

What are some things that are important to you as a participant or learner when you are attending a training event? We would like to know! Please click the link and share with us your thoughts or comments: