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Center for Family and Community Engagement

Dr. Pennell’s Panels at the 2022 International Kempe Conference

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Recently, Dr. Joan Pennell, the Center’s founding director participated in two panels and led one panel on her latest book at the 2022 International Conference: A Call to Action to Change Child Welfare. “Family decision making changing child protection” emphasized the importance of family decision-making in a time of global change because it can help families to connect. This panel also highlighted the necessity of including children in the decision-making process and the significance that community has on families. “Children’s participation and family violence,” explained that when there is family violence, children’s participation during family group conferencing is crucial.

Finally, Dr. Pennell led a panel to discuss her latest book, “A Restorative Approach to Family Violence: Feminist Kin-Making,” which was released in July of this year. Dr. Pennell explained that feminist kinmaking was created in the context of family violence. The feminist part of this book, which is not limited to women or girls, instead focuses on equity for all persons. In this book, Dr. Pennell uses examples to contextualize how kinmaking and family group conferencing connect families and enable them to share their needs with their communities and service providers. If you’re interested in learning more, Dr. Pennell’s book is available as an ebook through the NC State University library. CFACE wants to recognize Dr. Pennell’s incredible and impactful research that is being taken up to advance efforts of child and family welfare.