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CFACE Scholars, Staff Speak at 2022 International Conference

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This October, the Kempe Center held the 2022 International Conference: A Call to Action to Change Child Welfare.

The conference gathered a diverse international community of those who are committed to exploring child welfare and discovering healthy ways for families and their communities to work together.

The conference featured many incredible speakers who are dedicated to child welfare, including the Center’s founding director, Dr. Joan Pennell; interim program manager, Jeanne Preisler; and postdoctoral research scholar, Dr. Emily Smith.

Dr. Smith and Jeanne Preisler participated in the panel titled Transforming the System through Data: Evaluating Engagement. Dr. Pennell participated in two panels that discussed the importance of children’s participation and family-decision making. In addition, she led a panel on her latest book, A Restorative Approach to Family Violence; Feminist Kin-Making.

CFACE is excited to highlight the amazing work that our staff is doing to work to promote child welfare and ensure meaningful change.