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Center for Family and Community Engagement

Meaningful Change in the Field of Addictions

Addiction Specialist Certificate Program graphic

The Center for Family and Community Engagement, in partnership with faculty from the NC State School of Social Work, are proud to continue creating meaningful change in the field of addictions. Through the NC State Addictions Specialist Certificate Program for Paraprofessionals, participants can take a variety of on-demand courses and live online events tailored to substance use specific, general skill building and current topics. All courses and events are approved by the North Carolina Addictions Specialist Professional Practice Board. Participants can apply the hours they earn through the program towards certifications and continuing education credits with the board. 

Through research, education and collaboration across multiple disciplines the program offers a unique opportunity for participants to hone their skills and knowledge. The program provides learners with information, tools and resources necessary to make a positive impact in the lives of those they work with, as well as in their communities across North Carolina. Watch the video below to hear about the impact of this program:

Want to get involved? Visit our website to learn more:

For more information on the impact of this program, see the article: New Training Program Aids Effort to Reduce Overdoses, originally published in NC State News.