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October is Impactful Student Month

3 students
Impactful Students

Interested in learning more about how the Center impacts students on campus? Check out the Impactful Students 2021 video to hear from Rikki Camarillo, Peyton Frye and Courtney Wade on how CFACE has impacted their experience at NC State. Each student has worked for the Center and described their experience as being community centered, working with passionate co-workers who supported success in the educational and professional setting.

At the Center for Family and Community Engagement, we strive to give students hands-on opportunities through research, building relationships and furthering their academic and professional careers. We connect students to surrounding community and faculty members, allowing them to take what they learn and apply it in their everyday lives. Students working with us gain practical experience through meaningful, research based learning, which impacts the way they see and apply their work across the Center and beyond. As we continue to grow, we continue to impact the lives of students at NC State. For more information, and to hear directly from students on the impact CFACE had in their learning experience, check out the Students’ Corner page on our website.

Be sure to follow the Center for Family and Community Engagement on social media (@cfacencstate) to see more videos dedicated to our students during Impactful Student Month!