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Meet Us Monday: Marianne Latz

Marianne Latz, Assistant Director
Marianne Latz, Assistant Director

Meet Marianne Latz! Marianne is the Assistant Director of the Center for Family and Community Engagement (CFACE) and the Director of the CFACE Service Center. 

Marianne has been with the Center since May 2006 and is responsible for the overall operations of CFACE and administration of its Service Center.

In recent years, Marianne has built a strong Learning and Communication team that supports and promotes the Center’s mission, vision and values. Additionally, she oversaw the implementation of our brand-new Service Center and continues to strengthen its role within the Center. Marianne was also instrumental in the development of the NC Addictions Specialist Certificate for Paraprofessionals Program, the first training effort within the new service center.

When asked to describe her favorite thing about working at the Center, she says she’s “honored to be able to support our staff, faculty and students in ways that help them to use their creativity, intelligence and passion to support the families and communities of North Carolina.”

Marianne loves nature, and in her free time she can be found gardening, birdwatching or attending the butterfly colony she has been raising! When not outside, she also enjoys reading and watching movies.

We are very lucky to have Marianne’s supportive guidance, and we appreciate all the hard work she does for the Center and our communities! For more information about Marianne, please check out her staff biography.