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Community Engagement Partnerships

map of North Carolina

Engaging our communities in a meaningful way is something that we take seriously at the Center for Family and Community Engagement (CFACE). Building safe, healthy and productive families and communities together is our organization’s vision. It is a vision built on our core values of diversity, education, justice, respect and impact. The Center constantly strives to implement these values in our work across North Carolina and beyond. At the heart of our recent community engagement efforts is our director, Dr. Kwesi Craig C. Brookins. 

Dr. Brookins has brought a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to the Center. We are particularly proud to announce our current involvement with the Wake Community-University Partnership (WakeCUP). This collaborative partnership seeks to address the social and economic needs of Southeast Raleigh and Eastern Wake County. Connecting the university directly to the community through research, initiatives, programs and assistance we become better equipped to support those we serve. Additionally, we are able to connect our values to the values of the community, and work together to create lasting change. 

Dr. Brookins’ passion and dedication to community engagement continues to positively influence the work we do and the impact we generate. We look forward to what the future holds at the Center!

To learn more about Dr. Brookins’ community engagement research, action labs and WakeCUP initiative, please visit his “Engaging Communities” website by clicking here.