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Roundtable Discussions: Racial Justice in America

We are excited to share that the Center for Family and Community’s Engagement’s Racial Justice Panel video is now available for viewing! This collaboration with university and community partners on important and timely topics related to racial injustice can be found by clicking here

Kristin Bradford, the Center’s Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist, served as the discussion facilitator and asked important questions regarding the ongoing challenges our community and the United States face regarding racial injustice. The discussion featured a selection of graduate students, university professors, local leaders and activists who shared their valuable expertise, reflections, and personal experiences related to race and racial injustice. 

The Center for Family and Community Engagement is committed to generating and participating in thoughtful dialogue through our community and academic partnerships. Our work is rooted in furthering and sustaining efforts regarding diversity, inclusion, and racial justice. As an engaged university center, CFACE learns from families and communities, and with them, we create and inform practice, policy, and knowledge. 

We hope that this discussion inspires you to continue or start having similar discussions within your own communities.