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Center Spotlight: Dr. Samantha Zottola

This month we are excited to announce that Dr. Samantha Zottola has transitioned into a new role with the Center as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar! Dr. Zottola has worked for the Center since August 2018 engaging with community partners to work toward bail reform. Her work has primarily focused on supporting CFACE’s extensive research efforts. Dr. Zottola’s integral support has taken the form of data collection and analysis as well as paper and report writing. Dr. Zottola’s new role as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar will allow her to continue to work on pretrial risk and bail reform with a primary focus on risk communication.

In her free time Dr. Zottola loves to hike and read. She recently started her own vegetable garden which she says has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience! She writes “It’s so rewarding to eat food that I’ve grown myself!”

Dr. Zottola’s favorite thing about working with the Center is the investment in community partner engagement: “I love the fact that CFACE engages community partners in our projects and that we include their input at every step of our work.” 

We are so grateful to continue working with her in this new role and are excited for everything her future holds! To learn more about Dr. Samantha Zottola visit her staff page.