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Transition to Online Trainings

Laptop with CFACE logo on screen

For many, the current COVID-19 epidemic has altered professional life. With stay-at-home orders and social distancing regulations in place many organizations are making the transition to conduct business online. The Center for Family and Community Engagement has a long and successful history of embracing both online and in-person formats for trainings, meetings and other key functions.

In accordance with the safety precautions put in place for COVID-19, the Center is taking all of the necessary steps to ensure that trainings continue as scheduled. The Center offers important and impactful trainings which include Family-Centered Practice in Family Preservation Programs, Building Cultural Safety, Step by Step and Navigating Child and Family Teams, to name a few. While some of our trainings were scheduled to meet in-person, we are now offering them online! The Center is using two platforms to provide interactive and dynamic online trainings: Zoom and Moodle. Zoom allows participants to interact with the trainer and others in real time through voice and video. Moodle is a website where participants can access training materials and submit assignments. Moodle allows participants to access training content day or night, adding much needed flexibility during these unprecedented times. Want to learn more about getting ready for an upcoming online training? Watch this video!

The Center staff are working hard to ensure and maintain our commitment to providing excellent online trainings. Our focus on building safe, healthy, and productive families and communities continues as we adapt to new normals and take on new challenges together.

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