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CFACE Awards Staff Member and Student

Facey Award

In case you missed it last year, the Faceys are the Center’s semi-annual award ceremony dedicated to highlighting the exceptional efforts of our staff. All CFACE employees participate in nominating one another, and the winner is chosen by a committee of randomly selected CFACE staff members. This award is given out during our staff meeting, which is a tradition started in the spring of 2019. This fall, our Facey Award goes to Alicia Light!

Alicia has been the Center’s Instructional Design Technologist since 2017. Her primary work is to develop on-demand or online training courses. However, she leads the Center’s efforts in communication, website management, as well as all video and photography projects. Her latest work includes updating our LGBTQ+ On-Demand Course, creating our CFACE Updates video and webpage, and creating our Students Corner video and webpage.

Alicia is always willing to lend a helping hand and serves as a great colleague/mentor here at the Center. She jumps right in when she is needed, always offering her support in any way she can. Thanks Alicia for all that you do! You are a gift to us all! 

For more information on Alicia, please see her staff bio page

Student Award of Excellence

During our Faceys Award Ceremony we also had a Student Award of Excellence Ceremony. A great deal of our work is carried out or supported by students, so we wanted to honor them by giving out an award of excellence. The Student Award of Excellence highlights the terrific work our students do in helping our Center achieve its mission within the realms of research and community. This fall, our Student Award of Excellence goes to Emily Smith!

Emily started with the Center in 2017 as a Graduate Research Assistant and she has continued with us through an extension assistantship. Emily is a fourth year student in the Lifespan Developmental Psychology doctoral program. She has served on many projects with the Center as a research assistant over the years and one of her current projects includes the annual Community Child Protection Team review. In addition, she is assisting work led by Dr. Sam Cacace, which includes Military and Veteran Health and Wellness. Emily, we are so lucky to have you on the team! 

For more information on Emily, please see her staff bio page.