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Surveying Community Child Protective Teams

Youth in a line wearing backpacks at school

Latest Update:

Over the past 5 years, the Center for Family and Community Engagement at North Carolina State University has played an integral part in supporting improvements to child welfare in our state. The Center’s consistent membership on the Community Child Protection Team (CCPT) Advisory Board has ensured quality data collection from county CCPTs across the state as well as meaningful interpretation and integration of that data into annual reports. Members from the Center have sat on the North Carolina CCPT Advisory Board and contributed significantly to inform performance, responsiveness, and overall improvement of child welfare at the state level. 

What’s Next:

We continue to lead the research and report writing portions of this project. So far this year we have guided discussions on survey revisions and improvements to ensure maximum applicability of our data. We have responded quickly to accommodate requests by the board to accelerate the project timeline to guarantee inclusion of our report in the state’s Annual Progress and Services Report (APSR). We will be launching data collection in early November this year as opposed to early January as we have done in previous years. This year’s annual report is projected to be completed in April. As in years past, the hard work and dedication from our researchers and staff will ensure that the Center will continue to play a key role in improving child welfare within our state.

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