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Family-Centered Practice Project Training

Group of people putting their hands together during a training

Latest Update: Family-Centered Practice Project Training

From April 2019 through October 2019, the Center’s FCP Training Program successfully delivered and co-trained 32 in-person training events, and 15 online events as part of our contract with the Division of Social Services.  Included in the delivery of these events, were curriculum additions of updated state policies and practices related to engaging families, children, and youth. For the past two years, the center’s training program has undergone significant change.  Since April, these changes have included the addition of a Training Delivery Professional, retirement of one trainer, and the hiring of new training staff. Furthermore, the training program has engaged in program enhancements and focused efforts on improving the quality and development of training staff. Continuous quality improvement measures this year focus on commitments and growth through supporting training and center expectations for practice, renewed commitments related to partnerships, coaching and mentoring, and team commitments to ongoing professional development inclusive of new methods of material delivery and offerings to meet the needs of an evolving learning environment.

 What’s Next:

The training program is expanding into further programmatic and educational opportunities as we look to the future of our work.  Exploration, discussion, and planning around the use of methods such as virtual reality, simulation labs, blended learning, and enriched distance learning are underway as part of positioning the center and its training program capabilities.  The center training team is dedicated to partnering with families, children and youth, and communities to create impactful learning opportunities for those who serve them. 

For questions, or for more information related to the CFACE training program and team, please contact Jenny King, Training Coordinator, at