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Way To Go, Claudia Kearney!

Claudia Kearny EOI

The Center for Family and Community Engagement would like to highlight one of our incredibly talented staff members, Ms. Claudia Kearney, for her recent accomplishments. Ms. Kearney joined the Center in 2009 and has been an invaluable asset to our organization. Her primary work experience includes domestic violence advocacy and counseling, family group decision making and child and family team facilitation, family court mediation, family leadership program coordination, and curriculum development and delivery. Ms. Kearney has accomplished a variety of achievements over her time with the Center. For instance, she was awarded NCSU’s University Award for Excellence in 2014, and has won awards at both the college and University levels.

Ms. Kearney was recently nominated for both the NC State University Awards for Excellence in the EHRA division, as well as the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) Awards for Excellence in the Public Service category. Furthermore, Ms. Kearney recently completed one year of NCSU’s Equal Opportunity Institute (EOI), which is a diversity and equity program that offers professional development to its participants. Ms. Kearney’s graduation from the EOI program took place on April 23 as part of the Recognizing Excellence in Diversity celebration at Talley Student Union. The CHASS Awards for Excellence took place on April 25 in the Caldwell Lounge.

Ms. Kearney immerses herself in her practice, modeling skills, and behaviors that demonstrate her core beliefs in the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion. She has a strength of character and professionalism unmatched by many. The Center for Family and Community Engagement greatly appreciates all of Ms. Kearney’s hard work and dedication to her craft. She truly embodies our mission to advance safe, healthy, and productive families and communities. Way to go, Claudia Kearney!

For more information on Ms. Kearney, please visit her staff page.