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Marcella honored at Awards of Excellence ceremony

On Tuesday, June 14th, the university held its annual ceremony to recognize nominees for the most prestigious recognition that a staff member can receive, the University Awards for Excellence. The center was honored to be represented at this event by youth partner trainer Marcella Middleton, who advanced to the university-level awards ceremony after having received the college-level Award for Excellence for Humanities and Social Sciences on April 19th.

Nominees for these awards demonstrate excellence in their work for the university or in their communities. Marcella epitomizes this excellence, having been nominated for both her exceptional skills as a center trainer as well as her invaluable advocacy work with North Carolina foster youth. Of Marcella, center Director Joan Pennell said:

“The combination of her personal experience and educational background in social work offer credibility to training audiences. Her ability to blend these two roles is part of what makes her impact on professional and community members so powerful…Marcella is a creative, compassionate, and savvy team member who represents so well our center and the university in the community.”