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Marcella wins the EHRA Award of Excellence

The center’s youth partner trainer Marcella Middleton won the NCSU College of Humanities and Social Science’s EHRA Award of Excellence today.  She is now in the running for the university-wide level of the award, which will be announced in June. Below is an abbreviated excerpt from the speech given by center Director Joan Pennell at today’s ceremony:

“As a young woman who grew up in foster care, Marcella truly knows what it means to be removed from one’s home.  She has turned her personal experience into passionate commitment to bettering the lives of foster children.  The combination of her personal experience and educational background in social work offer credibility to training audiences. Her ability to blend these two roles is part of what makes her impact on professional and community members so powerful. 
I have the deep pleasure of seeing Marcella in action, most recently in my Social Work class where she co-facilitated a youth leadership café. The students expressed their deep appreciation of her ability to bring to life the hopes of youth in foster care and to educate them about how they can best support these strong young people and push for social equity. Marcella is a creative, compassionate, and savvy team member who represents so well our center and the university in the community.”