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New on-demand online training about LGBTQ youth in foster care

The center is pleased to announce the release of a new on-demand online training: Learning to Support, Include, & Empower Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, and Questioning Youth in Substitute Care. Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression are increasingly emerging as issues that hugely impact the lives of youth. Youth in foster care are in especially unique positions and need extra support and affirmation. In this online training, you will learn the basics of these issues as they relate to foster youth through a series of interactive and engaging lessons. Much of this training’s content is directly informed by input from LGBTQ youth who have been through the North Carolina foster care system and from foster care workers, foster parents, and others who have worked closely with these youth. The training also provides numerous resources for care providers on ways to support LGBTQ youth. Perhaps the best part of this free online training is that you can take it anytime, anywhere–all you need is a computer and internet access! And once you begin the training, you can move through it at your own pace; no need to chunk out a whole block of time to finish it in one sitting. To learn how to participate, click here.