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Stacy Quillen wins Pride of the Wolfpack Award

The center’s project coordinator Stacy Quillen (formerly Stacy Comey) was recently honored with the Pride of the Wolfpack Award from NC State University. The award recognizes faculty and staff who make significant contributions to their college or the university each year through leadership, high quality work, and fostering positive relationships.stacyaward Stacy started at the Center for Family and Community Engagement in 2010 as the project coordinator. Within her first year, she had proven herself a capable and responsive leader by taking on the responsibilities of another position in addition to the one she was hired for. Her quality of work shows in the grace and professionalism with which she handles her many responsibilities, including coordinating the logistics of center trainings, handling unexpected changes in training plans, tracking the center’s budget, and serving as the point of contact and customer service representative for the center. Despite the stress that inevitably comes with such responsibility, Stacy is always a positive and supportive presence at the center. Her kindness, humor, and reliability make her an indispensable asset to our team and bring a cheerful spirit to the center’s work environment. Stacy consistently provides outstanding service within the Center for Family and Community Engagement and in her work with child-and-family-serving workers across North Carolina. We are truly fortunate to have her on our team, and we are pleased that her accomplishments have been recognized with the Pride of the Wolfpack Award!