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Susan Gasman and Deborah Moore present on self-care

On June 7th, center trainers Susan J. Gasman and Deborah C. Moore presented at the 37th International Association for Social Work with Groups (IASWG) Annual Symposium in Chapel Hill. Their session focused on self-care and the importance of addressing the secondary trauma social workers often experience in their challenging roles. Through discussion and group work, participants discovered revitalizing ways to sustain a healthy balance between caring for themselves and leading an active work life.

Deborah and Susan’s session had indiviIMG_20150607_084647852_HDRduals from the United States, Canada and Germany, sharing many perspectives on how they remain engaged in their work while also pursuing self-preservation care. The participant make-up reflected the diversity of the IASWG, which has members from many countries, including Australia, France, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, and Trinidad-Tobago. The IASWG seeks to empower those systemically disadvantaged and believes in the strength and value of diversity within the group work context.

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