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Successful Five-Year Review!

The Center for Family and Community Engagement celebrated its five-year anniversary by successfully completing a university-required comprehensive evaluation.  As Center Director, Dr. Joan Pennell, said, the review provided an “opportunity to assess the center’s achievement of its objectives and to plan strategies for strengthening the center’s capacity in fulfilling its mission of advancing safe, healthy, and productive families and communities.” As a result, the reviewers, the college, and the university all agreed that the center is “meeting the mission, goals and original intent when the center was created and should be continued.” And in July, the Board of Trustees agreed!

The team of reviewers consisted of Dr. Terri L. Shelton, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development at UNC Greensboro; Dr. Dean Duncan, Research Professor at UNC Chapel Hill; and Dr. Denis Gray, Professor in the Department of Psychology at NC State. The team specifically commended the center for its local and global partnerships, partnerships with family and youth, support of youth leadership, engaged advisory council (aka Networking Alliance), mentoring of and collaboration with faculty, diverse offerings of online and in-person training, collaborative dissemination in publications and presentations, creation of high impact learning for students, and pursuit of funding support for students.

The center would like to thank the review team for its thorough review and thoughtful evaluation. We would also like to thank Dean Braden and Dr. Birkland, the Associate Dean for Research and Engagement, for their support and guidance in the review process.