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Family Group Decision Making

Our center is deeply rooted in family group decision making. The director, Dr. Joan Pennell, originally coined this term to refer to putting families at the center of making plans over their lives. These plans widen the circle of supports to keep child and adult family members safe, healthy, and connected to each other.

In June, the center team gave four workshops at the 17th Family Group Decision Making and Other Family Engagement Approaches held by the Kempe Center, University of Colorado.

Kara Allen-Eckard and Chaney Stokes – Involving Older Youth in Child and Family Teams

Kara Allen-Eckard and Marianne Latz – Using the Partnership Co-Training Model

Joan Pennell – “We are already doing a lot of this work without a name”: Diffusion of FGC in Guatemala

William (“Billy”) Poindexter and Claudia Kearney – The “OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN” in Trauma Informed Work—Social Worker Stress Building Agency Support Through FGC Principles/Practice

Our center team can support your efforts in family group decision making. For more information, please visit our service center web page.