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Center for Family and Community Engagement

Center Awards and Recognitions, 2010-2011

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Alumni Association Outstanding Researcher Award

In recognition of her research and scholarship, Dr. Joan Pennell received North Carolina State University’s Alumni Association Outstanding Researcher Award. This award is among the highest honors a faculty member can receive at the university. Dr. Pennell, founding director of the Center for Family and Community Engagement and professor in the Department of Social Work, was one of three faculty members across the university to receive the prestigious award this year. 

CHASS EPA Employee Award for Excellence

Susan Gasman, Trainer with the Center for Family and Community Engagement, won the CHASS EPA Employee Award for Excellence. Since she began working at NC State in 2004, Susan has provided training to students, social services, schools, mental health providers, juvenile justice workers, and community members across the entire state of North Carolina. Center Director, Dr. Joan Pennell, especially appreciates that “Susan is always an excellent ambassador to the community, whatever the region of the state. She knows how to listen for the unspoken, help others articulate their views, respond with sensitivity to underlying issues, and gently challenge others to grow as learners and practitioners. This capacity is especially crucial in her work with youths and helping them realize their potential. She is a bedrock of our training and engagement program, firmly grounding us in the mission of our work.” Congratulations Susan!