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A Message from CFACE

Greetings from the Center for Family and Community Engagement, or as we affectionately refer to it, CFACE. Our Center was founded in 2008 with the primary goal to foster healthy families and communities across the state of North Carolina. We work primarily within child welfare to support families, provide professional training for a variety of audiences, conduct research, and program evaluations, and consult with communities and non-profit organizations. 

As a university research center, we also work to support the success of faculty and students through high-impact learning opportunities. In recent years, our research has expanded into the areas of military wellness, restorative  justice, community health and well-being, and building wealth and resilience in partnership with diverse and underserved communities. In all this work, we strive to stay true to our mission as an engaged university center, to learn from our families and communities, and to work with them to create and inform practice, policy and knowledge. Our work is grounded in diversity, equity, education, justice and impact. These values are at the heart of our community, family, and youth partnerships, as well as the interdisciplinary and evidence-based  research that we do. 

We here at CFACE, we are excited about the future! We are well positioned to be a key resource for family and community engagement here at NC State and for other universities and communities across North Carolina. Please take a look at the work we do and let us know how we can assist. Together, we have the potential to enact real change and make a difference in the lives of our families and communities.